While you may be under the impression that when you check in to your favorite luxury hotel, it’s all about you the guest, in the vast majority cases it’s really about somebody else, namely the owner. Not to say that the staff isn’t there to please as many of your whims and wishes as possible,
A worker crosses the street near the Autumn Lane entrance of Amazon’s construction site in Boston on Feb. 12, 2019.KK Howley Jeff Bezos’ retailer behemoth Amazon Inc. had no love for New York on Valentine’s Day, announcing it was canceling plans for a corporate campus in Long Island City. In a reverse of the iconic
This last September during an unusually warm mid-morning, 43 names were read aloud echoing across the main Piazza De Ferrari Square in Genoa, Italy. Respectful applause was mixed with women and men quietly in tears and made for a somber mood at the 30-day memorial of the bridge collapse that killed 43 people. The Prime Minister
Real estate listings site StreetEasy released a report on the best places to live for single New Yorkers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.Getty Life is not easy for singles in New York City. Or, at least, it isn’t cheap. While compiling a report on the best areas to live in the five boroughs for those who are
Emily JohnsonCourtesy of Taylor Johnson Crisscrossing the grid, she connects Chicago. Emily Johnson is passionate about real estate. As president of Taylor Johnson, a public relations firm, Emily and her talented team serve the real estate industry exclusively. Among an inspiring cityscape of people and properties, they have a wellspring of real estate and related
Construction architects review plans at a construction high building site.Getty In the 2017 report “Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution”, MGI argued that, if construction sector productivity were just to catch up with that of the total economy, there would be a cumulative productivity boost of up to 60%, translating into a 2% global GDP
We are a nation of homeowners. Tax benefits and government encouragement have always driven American homebuying in a way unfamiliar to most other first world nations. For most Americans, their home represent their larger investment. And in recent years, the fluctuations in value around that investment have become a cause for both deeper interest and
Of the properties listed last spring that have been sold, 70% closed below their asking price, according to a new report from the listings site StreetEasy.Getty Home sellers in New York City are in for a challenge this spring. Those who plan to list their properties for the first time in the next few months
This 5 box, 4,500 sq. ft., modular home located on Martha’s Vineyard has 4 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen/dining/living area, a media room in the lower level and a large roof deck. It also has a separate art studio and a double garage. The split level design  optimizes the ocean views.Photo courtesy of Alexander Kolbe When
Located on 33 lush, rolling acres overlooking the Bay of Banderas on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, the luxury boutique resort will feature 59 hotel guest suites and 30 contemporary beachfront residences surrounded by tropical jungle and pristine white sand beaches.Courtesy of Susurros del Corazón Auberge Resorts Collection will open Susurros del Corazón, a luxury resort