Attainable housing aims to make homes affordable at lower income levels. Adobe Stock As home prices rise across the country, middle-class Americans and first-time home buyers often struggle to find housing within their budgets. And many would-be buyers are simply not eligible for subsidized affordable housing. A new report, Attainable Housing: Challenges, Perceptions and Solutions, by
This New England Farmhouse, in Concord, MA, has the beautiful traditional lines of a farmhouse but all the modern technology and materials available today. The standing seam roof adds a striking look to this stately house. Photo courtesy of Eric Roth for Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid, published by Abrams Years ago standing seam
Miami architect Kobi Karp Courtesy of Kobi Karp Architect Kobi Karp doesn’t merely build structures—he builds bridges. Not water-traversing spans but metaphorical bridges that link people, cultures, neighborhoods and communities. And from where he stands, the views are spectacular. The Surf Club is a 1929-built landmark in Surfside. Courtesy of Kobi Karp Karp’s method: he
In 2018, the national median household income was $61,372. The general rule for the ratio of income to house price is roughly 2.6 times annual income. So a median income earner should be able to afford a $159,567 house. If they could find one. According to Zillow, the median price of homes listed in May
The New York City brokerage Citi Habitats has 800 agents moving 10,000 properties per year. Getty Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for potential renters and buyers to search for and secure properties without the help of real estate brokerages. Websites like RentHop and StreetEasy provide lists of broker-free listings, allowing them to
New York University Getty The New York City metro area is home to some of the country’s top universities, but students also pay some of the highest housing prices to attend them. According to a new report from RENTCafe, rents within a mile of some of the country’s 100 most prestigious colleges are higher than the
Dollar General shares rose to a record high Thursday after it reports better-than-expected fiscal Q1 sales. (Photo by Megan Morr/For the Washington Post) The Washington Post/Getty Images No-frills dollar stores are proving their appeal, at least in terms of enticing low-income and other bargain-hunting shoppers. Dollar General, the leader in the space, and Dollar Tree
It may not feel like it, but China and the U.S. are in the midst of a cold war. According to a CNBC report, the global technology sector is completely dependent on 17 rare metals that are mostly mined in China. Now the Chinese are hedging about supply. It’s what countries do when they are at war.
Studio Gang founder Jeanne Gang. Sally Ryan When thinking of the “titans of industry,” names like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller typically come to mind. Since many of New York City’s most prominent buildings bear their names, and were constructed with the steel and machinery the innovators are famous for, it’s fitting that “titan”
IKEA’s new Manhattan Planning Studio Andria Cheng When home-furnishings giant IKEA opened its first Planning Studio—a smaller format than its traditional stores, tailored to U.S. city centers—on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in April, the Swedish chain said it was one example of how it was reaching customers in “new ways that are more accessible and more