In March 2009, Uber was born. Over the subsequent decade, the company became more than a controversial transportation company; it proved the scalability of the two-sided market. Though Uber was not the first company to deploy this model, it did so with unmatched pace and veracity, evidenced by its place in common vernacular. Overnight, VC
Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin <div _ngcontent-c14 innerhtml=" Real estate agents, like mortgage providers, title insurers, and home inspectors, depend on the free flow of information and compensation to remain in business. AdobeStock_113802827 What is it about 2019 which seems to be drawing the ire of regulators and competitors to the
Thousands of Americans fall victim to real estate wire fraud every year. This writer was almost one of them. photo credit: Getty Getty It all started with an email. Just days before closing on a home, I got a message from my escrow officer—or at least someone pretending to be her. Our closing costs needed to
Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday and her favorite café is sure to be busier than it’s ever been. (If you haven’t made a reservation yet, breakfast in bed may be the way to go this year.) Either way, a meal alone won’t cut it, so consider a gift that lasts longer than brunch,
In this wired world, technology has had an enormous, wide-ranging impact on the multifamily real estate market. That impact is most notably seen in the way property owners innovate and differentiate their holdings but really begins much earlier than that with the way in which owners examine the market and appeal to potential renters. It
Skyscraper and high-rise buildings near The Bund at night. photo credit: Getty Getty In a previous article, I theorized that one of the key PropTech themes for this year is that of “smart” technologies. Industry players seek solutions that help deliver the now widely accepted principle of real estate-as-a-service. There are many ways this goal can
Basketball superstar Steph Curry is hard at work, honing his game in his garage. But instead of tossing jump shots or finessing his footwork, Curry has been busy perfecting his short iron shots on his Full Swing Golf simulator. As the NBA season winds down, Curry will soon be hitting the links in mid-season form.
(AP Photo/Bullit Marquez) ASSOCIATED PRESS The Philippines is already caught in China’s web, but there’s still the time and a way to escape from it. The time is now that its economy isn’t heavily dependent on China. And the way is by saying “no” to Chinese investments that could leave the country heavily indebted to
‘Full House’ premiered on ABC in September 1987 and produced a latter-day spin-off (‘Fuller House’) in 2016. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) A pillar of American television history is once again for sale in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. As of Thursday, the famed Victorian abode pictured in the opening credits of Full House and its Netflix reboot, Fuller
Closing on a property can be both exciting and stressful. You hope that everything will go smoothly, so that you can start enjoying your new home, or get to work on renovating your new purchase to attract tenants. In order to make that happen, you need to be sure to keep everything in check. Of course