Real estate crowdfunding has grown exponentially over the past few years. Many crowdfunding platforms are thriving as the industry has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar market. Consequently, crowdfunding companies are disrupting the traditional real estate sector by allowing everyone — not just those with real estate connections and institutional capital — to invest in quality opportunities.
Will Blockchain Make Poverty Obsolete? iStock Why is it that capitalism seems to work so well in Western countries and fails the majority of the world that is living in poverty? According to the economist Hernando de Soto, the answer lies in something that he calls “dead capital” – assets without proof and liquidity. Developing
One of the questions that I get asked all the time from other family offices is, “Where are the opportunities in real estate?” The answer to that in many ways is subjective, as there are different types of properties, and there may be a preference that one family is more comfortable with than another. Let’s
Inflation: a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. In more lay terms, it means as time goes on and inflation goes up, your buying power becomes less and less with the same amount of money. Remember in the mid-90s when $1 million dollars seemed like you were ready to
Today’s real estate consumers expect lightning-fast responses, and in my experience providing that as an agent can mean more conversions, more sales and most importantly, stronger long-term customer relationships.  Texting can offer busy agents and real estate pros a quick and easy way to provide these immediate responses, without taking up too much time or
In an age of increased customization, it comes as no surprise that the definition of what constitutes a hotel has also changed in response. As travelers expect more variety and choice and players such as Airbnb continue to disrupt the traditional hotel model, the hospitality industry has responded with shifts of its own. The most
When we come across a market overflowing with two years’ worth of inventory supply, we’re sure of one thing: Real estate prices have hit their lowest. As supply increases across major cities in America, buyers can afford to patiently scout for the right investment opportunities. Gone are the days of fighting over a limited inventory.
Red Cross aid helps resident, from, the 2018 National Climate Assessment “We moved into our new house and three weeks later, lost it all in Hurricane Harvey.” My heart sank for when the pleasant man sitting next to me at a legendary local D.C. bar and restaurant recently recounted his family’s experience relocating to Houston.
Édouard CortèsPlace de la Republique en Soir15 ” x 21 5/8Oil on canvasSigned Rehs Galleries, Inc. Mesmerizing use of light and intoxicating bursts of brilliant color depict a bustling nighttime view of a prominent square in Paris, focused on a 31-foot tall bronze statue of Marianne, the personification of the French Republic. A moment in
Give mom something special for Mother’s Day this year. Primary Petals Our mothers do so much for us. But showing our love on Mother’s Day can often be a challenge. Buying a unique, outside-the-box gift is a great way to show her how thoughtful you are. Gifts for the home are particularly appreciated because they’re